About Us

Northeast Carpet Cleaning was founded in 2004 with a dedication to the quality of customer service that only comes from a family owned and operated company. Joseph Merluzzi, the owner and founder with over two decades of experience in the industry, is directly involved with every job from the first call to the final cleaning. Rather than dealing with a technician with no personal investment in the outcome, you are guaranteed the highest possible quality of service from someone who cares deeply about doing the job correctly and ensuring your happiness.

In addition to the highest quality customer service, Northeast Carpet Cleaning offers the most knowledge and the best techniques to clean your carpets. His many years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry has given Joe the knowledge to best be able to clean fabrics and materials of all types, from synthetic blends to 100% natural fibers. This knowledge combined with the best environmentally-safe cleaning agents on the market ensures that your carpet or furniture will be the cleanest they've been since you first bought them.