Oriental Rugs

Free pickup and delivery for our servicable area

Let us remove your Oriental and area rugs from your home for off-site cleaning in our workshop, with free pickup and delivery. We will return them to you fresh and clean.

Vacuuming - powerful, HEPA hypo allergenic filter vacuums remove deep down allergens and loose dirt from your rugs.

Cleaning Mist (for synthetic fibers only)* - a safe and effective cleaning agent applied to your rug with a minimum of water so that your rug is cleaned while remaining unharmed by oversaturation. This pre-treatment allows the cleaning agent to start working before scrubbing begins to maximize the cleaning effect.

Dry Cleaning Foam Treatment(for natural fibers only)*- our hand cleaning treatment gently lifts away dirt without damaging your valuable Oriental rugs. Our safe, effective technique cleans your rug while bringing out the inherent shine and beauty of the natural fibers.

Deodorizer Treatment eliminates any stale odors that accompany dirt buildup and some stains. This treatment leaves your rug smelling as clean and fresh as it will look after our service. (Eliminates light odors only. For strong odors like pet urine and smoke ask about our special treatments.)

Deep Scrubbing (for synthetic fibers only)* - rotary bonnet cleaning to get in between the fibers of your rug and to get out all the ground in dirt and stains, leaving it fresh and clean.

Thanks for such a wonderful job. The rugs, long neglected, looked like new. The cleaner was professional, efficient and considerate. I would definitely recommend Northeast Carpet Cleaning.
- Larry P.